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Benefits of Seamless Gutters

What are seamless gutters?

Simply put, seamless gutters are made from a single and continuous piece of material. The most common choices are aluminum or galvanized steel. Before the existence of seamless gutters, there would typically be a seam about every 10 feet that connected 1 section of gutter to another. These seams would be connected with a bracket and then sealed with caulking. If you had a 50 foot run of gutters on your home, there would be 4 to 5 seams, which ultimately meant 4 to 5 potential leaks. Seamless gutters eliminate the number of leaks that can occur by removing the seams, which is just one of the benefits of seamless gutters for your home.

Mile High Roofing Inc., a Denver roofing company, recommends replacing gutters while replacing your roof to ensure that they are working together to protect your home from water damage.

Benefits of Seamless Gutters

Seamless gutters are the industry standard for residential purposes due to their performance. The primary benefit of this style of gutters is the elimination of seams that can cause leaks. Having gutters that leak can cause costly water damage to your home, so opting for a seamless option is ideal.

Additionally, many people prefer the look of seamless gutters because they are not covered in brackets. The sleeker look is often preferred for curb appeal.

How to Install Seamless Gutters

Seamless gutter installation differs from traditional pre-formed gutter systems because the gutters will be customized for your home's shape on-site. Because every installation is custom, it is important to have a quality installer when it comes to seamless gutter installation.

A failing gutter system can cause water to not be properly diverted away from your home which could cause a host of problems. Too much water can lead to flooding of basements or crawl spaces, foundation issues, siding damage and ice build up. The professionals who work for roofing companies such as Mile High Roofing Inc. are trained in the proper techniques to install seamless gutters. Our contractors ensure a perfect fit for your house by using one custom miter cut at every corner, which also leads to a more attractive appearance.

When choosing gutters, you typically have a choice between aluminum and steel. Both products have their pros and cons, which should be considered carefully based on your location. Steel is stronger and more resilient to hail damage, which is increasingly important in Denver and other Front Range cities in Colorado. However steel rusts, while aluminum does not. Also, steel is heavier, thus more likely to pull away from the fascia over time, especially when full of heavy snow. Steel is also more expensive than aluminum for both material and labor. All things considered, at Mile High Roofing, we prefer aluminum do to the fact that it will never rust and is less likely to sag over time.

If you have questions about the benefits of seamless gutters for your home, please contact us! We offer free estimates for the cost of installation.

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