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During 2010 and 2011, Lakewood, Colorado had the dubious distinction of receiving back-to-back severe hailstorms, not only in the same community, but even in the same neighborhoods. Lakewood roofing contractors and companies were kept extremely busy with roof repairs. During just these two years in Lakewood, Mile High Roofing Inc. replaced hundreds of roofs.


With such a short time between roof replacements, it’s easy to understand how Lakewood roofing contractors who performed sub-standard work were weeded out, while reputable contractors like Mile High Roofing Inc. were called back for repeat business. Mile High owner Scott Jeffrey says, “Some of our customers brought us back two and even three years in a row, due to the hail, to get their roofs completely re-done!”


Despite the pressure of such high demand to get projects done quickly, Mile High Roofing contractors never skimp on their high standards. We make sure no nails or other dangerous debris are left behind and use the highest quality products to repair or replace your roof. Mile High Roofing, a locally owned and operated roofing company, has years of experience in Lakewood.


“One of our roofing clients in Lakewood had built an attached barn to her house for her horses. Because the roof lines didn’t quite match up, we built up the roof on the barn with layers of plywood, so the roofing would continue seamlessly from one to the other. Our customer was also very concerned about her horses being injured by nails, so in addition to our normal practice of spreading tarps below the work area to catch any nails, we also rototilled, raked up the whole paddock, and used a magnetic roller to make sure every last nail was removed.”


Such extreme attention to detail and safety sets Mile High Roofing apart from other Lakewood roofing contractors, but Mr. Jeffrey wouldn’t have it any other way. “We follow OSHA standards, and make sure we always leave the project cleaner than we found it.”


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We also offer professional painting, gutter repair, siding replacement and more to improve the entire curb appeal of your Lakewood home.

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