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Paying for a Roof Replacement

Paying for a roof replacement can be daunting, especially if you are paying out of pocket or haven't worked with home improvement contractors in the past. Once you have decided on a roofing contractor and agreed on a price for the job, our biggest piece of advice would be to never pay for the entire job until the entire job is complete! Too many times we have heard horror stories of a homeowner paying for the entire job up front only to receive subpar work and customer service. Or even worse, receiving no work at all. It is unfortunate, but there are a lot of bad/unprofessional/criminal contractors out there.
However, a down payment is common practice in the roofing industry. At Mile High Roofing, Inc we will typically ask for the 1st payment (around half of the total job cost) at the time of material delivery. This allows both the contractor and homeowner to feel comfortable knowing that the material has been paid for.
If you are interested in a free estimate/inspection, please call us at 720-248-7374 or schedule an appointment for a free estimate today.

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