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Do I Need a Permit for My Roofing Project?

Permit requirements can vary in each area, but in most places it is mandatory to have a permit pulled for your roofing project. To close out a roofing permit the city must inspect your roof to insure it has been installed properly. This gives you the comfort of knowing that a qualified and impartial professional has inspected the work and that it has lived up to the cities requirements.
To obtain a permit for your roof replacement, you may need to submit a permit application and pay a small fee to the city or town in which your roof will be replaced. Some cities may accept applications and payment online, but you may have to submit the documents in-person instead.
Mile High Roofing Inc is licensed and insured in just about all counties/cities/jurisdictions in the Denver Metro Area. Please call or contact us for any of your roofing and exterior needs!

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