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Mile High Roofing Inc has strong ties to Arvada. Our main office is located in here. Several of our employees live in town, as well, including owner Scott Jeffrey’s father. We are proud to be a local Arvada roofer and we have done many roof replacements & repairs throughout town.


Arvada roofing companies & contractors must keep up to date with the current city roofing codes. At Mile High Roofing, we choose to follow the International Code Book (IBC). As of May 2013, Arvada does not require ice and water shield be installed when a roof undergoes replacement. This is because the 2009 IBC, which Arvada currently adheres to, does not require it.

“Ice and water shield” is the extra roofing product installed under the shingles, over the house’s soffit, and sometimes around roof penetrations. It is put in place to prevent the damage that can occur when ice dams form, particularly in gutters.

While officials are aware of the benefits of ice and water shield, they also want to keep costs down for the homeowners and are reluctant to demand that Arvada roofing companies and contractors install an additional material.

Mile High Roofing Inc owner and founder Scott Jeffrey still believes ice and water shield may be a worthwhile investment for Arvada homeowners because Arvada is subject to some extreme weather and wind, being closer to the foothills than other Denver Metro suburbs.



If your Arvada home experiences damages from extreme weather, especially hail, your roof may need repairing. Mile High Roofing specializes in professional roof hail damage repair. We can help fix both commercial and residential roofs with hail damage.


We want you to be 100% satisfied with your roof repair or replacement, which is why we back up our work with a Lifetime Labor warranty

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