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Mile High Roofing - Denver Roof Replacem

Denver roofing companies and contractors, such as Mile High Roofing Inc, have a unique opportunity to upgrade and improve the integrity and safely of a Denver home when they install a new roof.

Many of the older houses in Denver, such as in Capitol Hill or the Five Points area, feature roofs built with what is called “space decking.” Before 1950, plywood had not been invented, so space decking was the common roofing practice in Denver. This refers to narrow planks that were nailed flat, on top of the rafters below, with cedar shake shingles nailed on top.

These planks had small gaps between them, designed to allow the roofing to “breathe.” With the passage of years and decades, it’s easy to imagine how the natural shrinkage of the planks, as well as the shingles, in Colorado’s dry climate led to a huge potential for rain and snowmelt to leak into houses, causing water damage.

Because of updated building practices, Denver roofing contractors and companies are required by Denver city code to remove all the roofing and planks down to the rafters, install new plywood deck, and new roofing material on top.

These standards ensure that the new roofing measures are up to the quality of any other structural renovating and upgrading a Denver homeowner might do.

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Mile High Roofing Inc specializes in bringing your vintage home up to Denver roofing code and will also help you pick a high-performance, classic shingle to enhance its historic beauty.


The importance of hiring a reputable Denver roofing contractor can’t be underestimated when taking on the extensive project of a new Denver roof, whether for a commercial or residential property. In older Denver properties, more of your interior and belongings will be exposed to the elements when the roof is taken down to the rafters, and the excellent care and speed of execution Mile High Roofing Inc is renowned for, will be to your advantage.


Call Mile High Roofing today for a free estimate on residential and commercial roof repair or replacement for your Denver home or business.

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