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At Mile High Roofing, Inc. we understand that filing an insurance claim and dealing with your insurance company can be a confusing process, and one that many homeowners have never had to go through. Thankfully, we’ve walked hundreds of homeowners through the process of filing insurance claims for repairing hail damage and other types of roof repair, and we know how to ensure that you get treated fairly and aren't met with any surprises.

Need help working with your insurance company?

How to File a Roof Insurance Claim

As you listen to the hail beating down on your roof, you wonder how bad the hail damage will be, and whether you should call your insurance company or a roofer to come take a look. It’s imperative that you call Mile High Roofing first as you may not have sufficient hail damage to file a claim. We’ll give you a free and honest assessment of your roof and give you our recommendation on whether or not you have enough damage to warrant filing a claim. 

Once you file a claim with your insurance company, they’ll give you a claim number and have an adjuster call you, typically within 48 hours. Remember, the adjuster sent to assess your property works for the insurance company, not you. In many cases he’s from another state and has been called temporarily to Colorado to handle the high volume of hail damage claims, which means he may not be familiar with all the codes required for your city and county, including Denver, Denver metro area, or other communities in Colorado.

Your adjuster will call you to make an appointment. At this point, inform him that we are representing you and we will arrange a time to meet with the adjuster. This is a standard practice which insurance companies are accustomed to. We’ll walk the entire property with your adjuster, making sure that he sees everything and is aware of all the codes and requirements. This means that you won’t have to supplement the claim at a later point or spend time chasing down your adjuster to make important changes. We want to make sure the insurance claim is comprehensive and fair from the beginning, and that it completely covers your hail damage.

Your insurance company will mail you paperwork which summarizes what roof damage they will pay for, along with a check. We’ll go through the paperwork with you to make sure you understand everything, and that the work will be properly paid for by your insurance company. You are responsible to pay the deductible and nothing more.


Filing an insurance claim for roof repair without sufficient damage could affect your standing with your insurance company. After a storm, give Mile High Roofing a call before you contact your insurance company - we'll give you an honest assessment on whether or not you have enough damage to your roof to file an insurance claim.


You have the right to have an advocate, someone who will work with your adjuster and make sure you get treated fairly. Let Mile High Roofing, Inc. represent you—if your insurance company doesn’t pay for your roof repair, you are under no obligation to hire us.


When your insurance company estimates damages, they will depreciate your roof based on age. If you have an RCV policy, you can recover the depreciation, and the insurance company covers the total cost of the roof repair. An ACV policy gives you cheaper insurance premiums because you are unable to recover the depreciation. This means the insurance company will only pay the current depreciated cash value of your roof instead of covering a total roof replacement. In this case, the homeowner is obligated to pay for the difference in roof repair cost.

Most homeowners have never had these policies explained to them and may not even know what policy they have. We’ll be able to tell you up front whether you have an ACV policy or an RCV policy, so you’ll know what your financial obligation is.

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