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Mile High Roofing Inc. is proud to provide roofing in Centennial, Colorado. Our experienced contractors can help with roof repairs and roof replacements for both residential homes and commercial properties. With years of experience working in the city of Centennial, we are up-to-date with city codes and know what to expect from the roofs here.


For instance, our Centennial roofing contractors encounter a lot of wood shake shingles when replacing roofs in Centennial. People liked the rustic and historic look of shake shingles, which made them a popular choice for homes built in the 1970’s and 1980’s, the era of construction for many Centennial homes.


The downside of shake shingles is that in order to maintain the integrity of the shingles, they need to be treated with special product every year. This high-maintenance chore is rarely attended to, particularly because new homeowners in the area may not have even been aware treatment was needed.


The result is a lot of cracked and curled shingles, exposing the roof to weather damage. These days, due to the fire hazard associated with wood shake shingles, it’s difficult to get insurance on a house if new shake shingles are installed.




On the plus side, Mile High Roofing Inc. has found that if you hire a roof replacement company to change old cedar shake shingles to asphalt or composition shingles, you can get a huge discount on insurance rates. Many composition and asphalt shingles are made to look like shake shingles, but with much better fire-retardance and durability.


Mile High Roofing Inc. offers high quality roofing products from various manufacturers, such as CertainTeed “Presidential,” GAF “Grand Sequoia,” “Grand Canyon,” and Owens Corning “Wood Crest” and “Woodmore,” which give the look of a heavy wood shake shingle. Many feature authentic color blends, are wind-resistance up to 130 mph, and come with limited lifetime warranties.


Whether your roof has sustained storm or hail damage, or you just need roof repair or replacement for your Centennial home, Mile High Roofing has you covered. We are the preferred roof replacement company in Centennial and in many other Denver Metro communities.


It’s important for Centennial roofing companies to be aware of the latest in insurance requirements for the safety and value of your roof, and Mile High Roofing Inc. has installed many such upgraded roofs in Centennial.

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