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Westminster roofing company

Mile High Roofing is proud to be a local roofing contractor with years of experience serving the Westminster area. Our professional roofers provide roof repair and replacement services to both commercial and residential properties in the city. Whether your roof is old and needs replacement or needs hail damage repair, Mile High Roofing is ready to help.





Customers hiring Westminster roofing companies should know that in Westminster, the city will not issue a building permit for any repair that exceeds 100 square feet. Thus, if you have hail damage covering 100 square feet or more on your roof, then the insurance company is typically required to replace the whole roof.


The city will not issue a permit, nor inspect, under these circumstances. Professional roofing contractors familiar with Westminster's ordinances, such as Mile High Roofing, Inc., will simply send the insurance company the city code, and most insurance companies will supply the coverage.


Another situation somewhat unique to Westminster is that many homes feature a type of shingle called “T-Lock.” These shingles have been discontinued since 2005, which means professional roofers can’t do a repair on the shingles, even for the repairs that fall under the 100 square foot cutoff. In almost every case insurance companies will pay for a brand-new roof replacement, even if the home has only two to three damaged shingles, or missing shingles pulled off by the wind.



Mile High Roofing, Inc. prides itself on keeping up with all Westminster roofing requirements and codes, and on keeping you informed about your roof repair and replacement options. Each city in the Denver area is unique, and we maintain the same standard of excellence, whether city requirements are strict or more relaxed. 


For customers outside the Westminster city limits but nearby in unincorporated Jefferson County, a contractor’s license is not required, however, Mile High Roofing, Inc. maintains contractor’s licenses in all Denver metro area cities and counties.

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