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Mile High Roofing Inc. proudly serves the Parker community with professional roof replacement & repair services. We are proud to be a locally owned roofing company, headquartered in Arvada, CO. Our team has over a decade of roofing experience in the Denver Metro area. Due to the drastic changes in inclement weather, the Parker Building Division holds roofing companies to specific standards, codes, and regulations. Unlike out-of-state companies that try to take advantage of residents when inclement weather hits, we understand the codes and regulations governed by the local Building Division. From Stonegate to The Pinery we’ve got Parker covered.



Parker Roofing

Located Southeast of Denver, Parker is a friendly and inviting place known for its unique Western-Victorian Downtown, bustling farmer’s markets, and hometown family feel. The residents of Parker deserve a roofing company that provides the professionalism, friendly customer service, and attention to detail that our contractors have come to be known for.


Due to the constant fluctuations in weather, Parker roofing contractors are required by city code to install or repair roofing to withstand strong winds, hot dry sun exposure, hail, and heavy snow and ice. This ordinance helps protect residents from long-term, expensive damage caused by Colorado’s infamous weather.

Mile High Roofing offers a definite advantage to Parker customers looking for roof repair and replacement services. We provide both residential and commercial roofing services backed by a lifetime labor warranty because we are dedicated to your 100% satisfaction!

Parker Roofing Contractors

Mile High Roofing is your premier Parker roofing company with extensive knowledge of specialized local roofing regulations to bring you the best value and protection for your home or business, while maintaining the hometown friendliness that makes Parker amazing!


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