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Manufacturer Warranties

Most roofing products come with a standard manufacturer warranty that covers production defects or damages, however the product style, manufacturer, and contractor's accreditation can all affect the terms of the warranty. Mile High Roofing can help you understand the terms of your manufacturer warranty.


Warranty Upgrades

Mile High Roofing offers upgraded warranties that cover more than a typical standard manufacturer warranty. Warranties have a wide range of implications and uses. Would you like a warranty that covers the full replacement cost of your roof for its lifetime and will transfer to the next homeowner if you decide to sell? You might want to consider a warranty upgrade.


Options are available, and Mile High Roofing can help you understand the terms of many different types of warranties. 


Because Mile High Roofing is a preferred contractor with leading shingle manufacturers, we are able to offer upgraded warranties that can protect you - the homeowner. Ask us how!

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