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Highlands Ranch roofing companies such as Mile High Roofing Inc. are often called to replace wooden shake shingle roofs. With years of experience in the roofing industry, Mile High Roofing's professional contractors are experts in wooden shake shingle roof replacement and repair. We also offer additional services to our Highlands Ranch customers, including home siding repair, seamless gutter installation and window replacement.




The town of Highlands Ranch was founded in 1981, and a huge building boom followed. This was an era of popularity for shake shingles, with many people incorporating them for their rustic and historic effect.


Unfortunately, shake shingles require yearly maintenance with an application of a topical water-repellent preservative to retain their natural beauty. This treatment is often forgotten, ignored, or just something homeowners are not aware of needing. As a result, the shingles tend to curl up and crack over the years.


When this happens, the roof is much more susceptible to wind and weather damage, as well as being a fire hazard. As with many Highlands Ranch roofing companies, the majority of Mile High Roofing's jobs are for roof replacement due to weather damage on insured homes.


However, Highlands Ranch homeowners with shake shingles have an extra incentive to replace their roofs with different materials and not wait for hail damage to trigger an insurance settlement. The fire hazard that wood shingles pose could create a much more expensive loss than the cost of a new roof.

Not sure if you have a shake shingle roof?



Today, homeowner’s insurance is typically very expensive for homes where new shake shingles are installed. On the other hand, installing new asphalt or composition shingles nets you a substantial discount on homeowner’s insurance.


Several of the roofing materials Mile High Roofing carries include asphalt and composition shingles that are designed to mimic the look and feel of real wood shingles. The difference is they are much more fire-retardant and longer lasting.


CertainTeed Roofing Products was the first company to offer a wood shingle look-alike, “Presidential.” GAF Roofing Products features two offerings --“Grand Sequoia” and a slightly thicker shingle “Grand Canyon.” Owens Corning Roofing Products supplies “Woodcrest and Woodmore” which give the look of a heavy wood shake shingle. Authentic color blends are available with some of these products, along with wind-resistance up to 130 mph, and limited lifetime warranties.


Highlands Ranch roofing companies and contractors have an obligation to make clients aware of the safety factors involved in the wooden shake roofs prevalent in Highlands Ranch. Mile High Roofing has become a trusted contractor there and has completed many roof replacements and siding repairs over the years.

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