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Mile High Roofing Inc. has been proudly serving the Castle Rock community with our outstanding professional roof replacement & repair services for over a decade! Many out-of-state companies take advantage of residents when inclement weather hits. As a locally owned business, headquartered in Arvada, CO, we understand the specialized codes and regulations that the Castle Rock Building Division developed to protect residents and businesses from the inclement Colorado Weather.



Named after the beautiful land formation overlooking the city, Castle Rock one of the fastest growing cities in the United States! With 44 hiking trails, 265 acres of parks, the largest open-air mall in Colorado, and a historic downtown, it’s no wonder so many new homes and businesses are moving in. Castle Rock residents require a residential and commercial roofing company that can provide the quality and service they deserve!


As a Castle Rock roofing company, city codes require us to replace or repair your roof to withstand strong winds, hailstorms, lightning damage, and heavy rain and snow. This ordinance permits us to protect your home from the possible long-term and very expensive damage Colorado’s always changing weather can cause.

Mile High Roofing offers Castle Rock customers an advantage while looking for roof replacement and improvement services. We are dedicated to your 100% satisfaction, which is why we provide the best residential and commercial Castle Rock roofing services backed by a lifetime labor warranty.


Mile High Roofing, Inc is your premier Castle Rock roofing company with vast knowledge of specific Castle Rock roofing regulations. Our experience allows us to bring you the best value, protection, and service while maintaining the quality that makes Castle Rock great!


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