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Homeowners in Aurora can rest assured that when they hire an Aurora roofing contractor such as Mile High Roofing, they will receive exceptional service and quality craftsmanship. The city of Aurora is one of the few cities in the state of Colorado that requires testing to obtain a roofing contractor license. This testing is so thorough that any other jurisdiction that uses testing (such as Fort Collins) allows the roofing company to be approved if they have already been tested in Aurora.


Aurora uses the International Code Council (ICC) test, and Mile High Roofing has passed the ICC’s national standard shingle roofing test. As a result, Mile High Roofing is licensed in every city and county in the Denver Metro area, including Aurora. Our contractors have years of experience and are ready to assist with any roof repair or replacement you may need.



Nationwide standards are often incorporated into city codes even though the cities are not required to adopt them. At Mile High Roofing, we always adhere to national standards as well as city requirements to ensure your roof is repaired to the highest standards. We take into consideration the structural integrity of the roof, the integrity of the decking, what type winds the city has had in past, and other environmental conditions. We also look at the solidity of the home, not just the roof, as they are interrelated.


In a couple of the older Aurora neighborhoods, extra-thin decking was used during construction. These roofs were installed when codes were not adhered to as strenuously as they are today, or when Aurora roofing contractors wanted to save money. This decking has been found to be inadequate since then and is no longer allowed.


Today, all codes require a nailable surface, and the old decking in Aurora homes is now too soft and thin. When we do a roofing job in older Aurora neighborhoods, our roofing contractors coordinate with the insurance company and homeowners, to either tear off the old decking or add another 7/16” layer. When a house sustains hail damage or wind damage, insurance will often pay to upgrade the roof to code.


Give Mile High Roofing Inc. a call for a free estimate, and the most up-to-date info on how to improve your home’s integrity through roof repair and replacement. We have experience working with insurance companies to help you through the process from start to finish.

Contact us today for a free estimate!

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